Web3 and Metaverse projects

Nossa Cryptobar

I oversaw the content calendar for Barcelona’s first cryptobar. We organized weekly Web3.0 meetups where I curated the list of guest speakers and acted as facilitator. These sessions were very successful at introducing Blockchain technologies to visual artists and music/video creators. The aim was to create a space where anyone interested in making their creations available as crypto-collectibles or NFTs would get a solid understanding of the Ethereum platform and the main marketplaces. We had a diverse ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs and investors on our panels and focused on giving underrepresented communities knowledge to maximise their agency in the Metaverse.


An exciting Web3 project where higher-level education students access virtual labs to perform experiments and learn chemistry, biology and physics.

Habbo Hotel

I was community manager in a novel project called Habbo Stories and led the rollout of the new Habbo Hotel for English speakers (.com). I wrote all the web copy, including user guides, safety documentation as well as promotional materials. I created and coordinated a group of beta testers and liased with tech teams and users to successfully deliver an entirely new experience.
One of my main roles was to ideate virtual goods, which resulted in the highest selling item of that year. Examples of the more creative activities I devised for our users are the Shakespeare line of virtual goods and having users re-create a Shakespeare play within the virtual world.