Video Tutorials

Video is one of the most powerful tools that software products can leverage to engage and educate their users. With years of experience in both  FinalCut Pro and Adobe Premiere, I create engaging and straightforward instructional videos that set up users for success . 
Gaining in-depth knowledge of the product UI, the intended audience (developers, end users) and liaising with product teams to understand everything from branding to possible pain points results in didactic tutorials that ensure cohesiveness with brand values.  

 Plesk Extension tutorial series

I oversaw the creation and editing process of the Plesk Extension tutorials. This project was carried out collaboratively by defining each step to document with product team members.

Video Script Writing

In preparation for the rollout of Plesk Onyx, I ideated and wrote the script for the product launch video, working cross-functionally with marketing and the animation agency that created the visuals. This video has been viewed almost 290,000 times.